Our legal investigation services include asset investigations, background checks, due diligence, skiptrace and more.

We serve law firms, attorneys, decision makers, and senior level executives, along with everyday people in need of investigation services. Our list of services includes asset investigation, due diligence, background checks, skiptrace and more. If you have a special request, just ask. All of our services are performed within the guidelines of legal and ethical practices…and with the utmost of sensitivity.

Asset Investigation Services

Asset Investigation ServicesOur advanced knowledge of business, finance, and real estate combined with an extensive network of resources provide the most thorough asset investigative product available. Our asset investigations not only identify all available assets including personal/real property, liquid assets, and sources of income, but provide further detail on encumbrances and available equity in real property, net revenue, inventories, equipment, accounts payable/receivable, liquidity, and lifestyle/spending activities.

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Background Checks

background-checksBackground investigations on an individual require a thorough understanding of the subject’s residential and employment history. Simply running a subject through an online database will not ensure that they have been thoroughly vetted. Approximately half of all counties within the United States do not file records electronically and as a result, those records will not appear through an online resource. An inquiry must be made directly to the county or source of information.

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Due Diligence

Due Diligence InvestigationsThe world is connected by commerce. We provide domestic and foreign corporations and legal counsel with due diligence on US, Canadian, and international businesses and individuals. We thoroughly investigate lenders, borrowers, investors, business partners, clients, and employees on behalf of law firms, private sector companies, and individuals. Our forensic methods provide you the due diligence and investigation services to keep you informed and cognizant.

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Skip TracingIt takes more to locate an individual than just running a name through a database. It necessitates skilled and knowledgeable investigators to cross-reference various sources of data, verify information under pretext, and at times perform a discrete physical canvas of previous and current employment locations and home addresses. Our investigation services help track down individuals and officers of companies that are no longer in existence.

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